Patient Resources

Patient Resources

PrEP Resources for Patients

Deciding whether PrEP is right for you can sometimes be a difficult decision. Cares Community Health has provided a diverse resource database for a variety of patients on what PrEP is, what it does, how to pay for PrEP, its usefulness to particular communities, PrEP statistics and more so you and your health provider can make an informed decision when it comes to starting a PrEP regimen.

Are You Thinking About Whether PrEP is Right For You?

Want to Hear Personal Stories and/or Connect with Other People Currently Taking PrEP?

FAQ's About PrEP from Greater Than AIDS

Family Planning

Are You Figuring Out How to Talk About PrEP with Your Provider and/or Pay for PrEP?

Do You Live Outside of California?

If you are looking for PrEP providers in other states beyond California, check here to see if there is one available in your area. Here is also a sample of other existing PrEP provider directories, listed in alphabetical order:
Here are resources to available state-specific PrEP assistance programs:
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