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HIV Prevention is Just an Email or Phone Call Away

PrEP as HIV prevention is the latest, most effective tool in the fight against reducing the amount of HIV infections among gay and bisexual black, Latino, white men and other men of color. Don’t hesitate to call us to find out how you can get started on PrEP and live a happy, fruitful life without worrying about the potentiality of being infected with HIV.
"PrEP is my wake up call to a reality that I need to protect myself and stop putting my life in others' hands."
“I take the medication every morning (on an empty stomach – I’m not a breakfast person). And yet, no side effects – except one: I no longer have the deep seated anxiety I would have after a sexual encounter.”
"What if all your anxiety, your fear, your doubt... Just one pill... It could disappear?"

Zero Together Initiative
1500 21st St.
Sacramento, CA 95811
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